Over a hundred grads and friends gathered at the Geomatics Atlantic 2012 conference on 13 June 2012 in Halifax, to celebrate COGS having turned 25.  There were recollections by:

  • John Wightman (Principal 1986 – 1994)
  • Edward Wedler (Remote Sensing Faculty, 1980s),
  • Tim Webster (as each of student, RS Faculty, & Research Scientist), &
  • Jim Stanley (Principal 2005 – 2012) who introduced
  • Isabel Madiera-Voss (new Principal)

The following power point slide show by Dave MacLean with various photos from Alumni & others was presented at the Geomatics Atlantic COGS gathering:     (or click here if the slide show does not load)

1993 GIS-RS Alumni Newsletter v2

Today we have the GIS/RS Alumni Newsletter to share with everybody. It was created and sent out to COGS alumni in the spring in 1993.

I believe it was the first and only issue that was created had although Sally O’Grady said that they had great aspirations to keep it going. We think that it is an interesting historical piece that many would enjoy reading and reminiscing about their time at COGS.

In side the 10 page PDF newsletter you will find various contributions from Dave Colville, Tim Webster, Pearle Chambers, Konrad Dramowicz, Piotr Proszynski, Sally O’Grady, Roger Mosher and many others about the various different aspects of the GIS/RS programs.  There are also various images, some trivia and a cross word puzzle.

Do you have any COGS related information, photos or other material that you would like to share with the COGS Alumni network? If so then we would love to hear from you.