Last month, we completed an article on the Story of COGS for Jon Murphy, which he published on the GoGeomatics web site. This led him to ask me to clarify the ‘myth of COGS’, which has taken up some of my time in March.

We interviewed Gary Gaul, Head of Maintenance at Lawrencetown and asked him about his recollections of student life in the 1980’s. This was followed by a gathering in Annapolis Royal. We invited Bill Power, Marlin Gould, Roger Mosher and David Colville to discuss their time at NSLSI when they were students. Subsequently, they became instructors in the various Computer Programming programs. Thirdly, I contact Val Thomas at Virginia Tech. She was a student at COGS in the late 1990’s.
The end result of these conversations has been a better understanding of the COGS reality. You can look forward to another GoGeomatics article in early April. While it tries to address the myth, it, in fact, offers more content for the story.

In attempts to reach out to graduates of COGS, this month I have been in contact with Karen Reinhardt, Harold Hunt, Daniel Munroe, Gwen MacNairn, Jeff Tracey, Bert Seely, Edward Wedler, as well as all of the instructors mentioned above.

Please keep passing on the word, and look out for my next contribution to GoGEomatics, on the ‘myth of COGS’.

1993 GIS-RS Alumni Newsletter v2

Today we have the GIS/RS Alumni Newsletter to share with everybody. It was created and sent out to COGS alumni in the spring in 1993.

I believe it was the first and only issue that was created had although Sally O’Grady said that they had great aspirations to keep it going. We think that it is an interesting historical piece that many would enjoy reading and reminiscing about their time at COGS.

In side the 10 page PDF newsletter you will find various contributions from Dave Colville, Tim Webster, Pearle Chambers, Konrad Dramowicz, Piotr Proszynski, Sally O’Grady, Roger Mosher and many others about the various different aspects of the GIS/RS programs.  There are also various images, some trivia and a cross word puzzle.

Do you have any COGS related information, photos or other material that you would like to share with the COGS Alumni network? If so then we would love to hear from you.