COGS 2014 Grad Profiles

The 2013-2014 Graduate Profile booklet for the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) was designed to help potential employers, seek out, and find suitable geomatics based candidate for positions within their company. COGS graduates come with varied backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets and are eager to help potential employers fill the needs of their organizations.

COGS students of 2014 have worked hard to meet the demands of a rigorous school schedule expanding their knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Marine Geomatics, Geographic Information Systems for Business, Cartography, Community & Environmental Planning, Surveying, and Geomatics Engineering. So check out COGS alumni of 2014 by downloading a full copy here:

This list covers instructors (by program, some with duration) and staff through 1980 till the present.

John Belbin
Ada Cheung
Piers Churchill
Walter Morrison
David Raymond 1986 – 2012
Pat Sorel
Lynn Trepanier
John Wightman

Terry Crowe (1980)
Mike Donnelly
Marc Hebert
Phil Hore
Monica Lloyd
Ian Moncrieff
Ed Symons

Computer Programming
Catherine Bate
Joy Brown
Pat Castel
David Colville
Alan Connors
Ela Dramowicz
Konrad Dramowicz
Chris Gold
Marlin Gould
David MacLean
Bob Maher (1980 – 1988)
Barry Mooney
Roger Mosher
Bruce Peveril
Piotr Pitrosky
Bill Power
Paul Quinn
Simeon Roberts
Kathleen Stewart
Jim Verran

Remote Sensing
Manou Akhavi
Tim Kearns
Ernie MacLaren
Trevor Milne
Jim Norton
David Sherstone
Vern Singroy
Tim Webster
Edward Wedler

Bill Chambers
Jim Dobbin
Bruce Hicks
Jack Kaulback
Phil Milo
Grant McBurnie
David Morgan
Neil Ormrod
Richard Phelan
Ron Robichaux
Len Telfer
David Wedlock
David Woolnough

Marine Geomatics
David Dodd
Troy Greene
Maria Healy
Dennis Kingston
Brian Pyke

Jim Doig ( – 1986)
John Wightman (1986 – 1993)
Paul Lafleche (1994 – 1998)
David Woolnough (1999 – 2005, Director, AR 2002 – 2010)
Jim Stanley (2005 – 2012)
Isabell Madeira-Voss (2012 – present)

Frances Balser
Donna Bent
Donna Eisner
Judy Foster
Marian Larsen
Terry Milton

Johnny Beals
Norm Buckler
Gary Gaul
Dave Jolly
Arthur Lowe
Terry McNeill

Computer Support
Pat Castel
Pearl Chambers
Chris Goucher
Tim Mooney