COGS 2014 Grad Profiles

The 2013-2014 Graduate Profile booklet for the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) was designed to help potential employers, seek out, and find suitable geomatics based candidate for positions within their company. COGS graduates come with varied backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets and are eager to help potential employers fill the needs of their organizations.

COGS students of 2014 have worked hard to meet the demands of a rigorous school schedule expanding their knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Marine Geomatics, Geographic Information Systems for Business, Cartography, Community & Environmental Planning, Surveying, and Geomatics Engineering. So check out COGS alumni of 2014 by downloading a full copy here:

David Colville has an interesting article posted in the NSCC ‘Innovations in Applied Research’ blog that showcases the opportunities, experiences and outcomes of applied research at NSCC. He explains in about 500 words or less how he arrived with a dual role of GIS Faculty and Research Scientist with the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG) after enrolling in the Scientific Computer Programming (SCP) diploma program thirty years ago (1983). Continue Reading  Here…