Remote Sensing Class of '83

standard COGS Turns 25

Over a hundred grads and friends gathered at the Geomatics Atlantic 2012 conference on 13 June 2012 in Halifax, to celebrate COGS having turned 25.  There were recollections by: John Wightman (Principal 1986 – 1994) Edward Wedler (Remote Sensing Faculty, 1980s), Tim Webster (as each of student, RS Faculty, & […]

standard COGS Cartography Alumni

The Cartography program at COGS has achieved national recognition over the past 50 years for its cartographic excellence and the graduates that have come out of the program. The original Cartography Program at COGS ran from 1962 to 2010. In 2011 it was changed into a Cartography concentration of the Diploma in […]

standard Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof

The Chronicle Herald published the following article on February 19th titled “Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof Roger Tomlinson promoted his GIS system around the world” by Bob Maher. Short excerpt from the article: Roger Tomlinson, the father of geographic information systems (GIS), will be remembered by many in the  Annapolis Valley as somebody who helped cement the global reputation […]


standard Roger Tomlinson – Globe and Mail Obituary

Excerpt of Roger Tomlinson’s obituary recently published in the Globe an Mail. What’s the smartest location for a new coffee shop? Where do you deliver food and water in a city hit by a catastrophic earthquake? How fast are glaciers melting? Roger Tomlinson taught us how to solve such puzzles. An […]