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Opinion: Canada Doesn’t Have Too Many GIS Programs

Are there too many GIS post-diploma programs and University GIS certifications in Canada? In the late 1980s, the prevailing notion was that we had three GIS post-diploma programs in Canada, at BCIT, SSFC and COGS. Just over a year ago, I completed a curriculum review of GIS programs for Esri Canada. At that time, my […]

Geography Education: Travels to England and Nunavut

Geography education is about understanding our relationship to the world around us. We need to seek out the best examples of a culture’s relationship to their environment. We need to seek out the best examples of communication about that relationship through a culture’s writers, philosophers, musicians, and artists. One form of Geography education that I […]

Additional Considerations for Education and Capacity Building

Canada has enjoyed a global reputation for the development of new technologies needed to manage its resources. A few familiar examples include the legacy of Roger Tomlinson in the field of GIS, the early work of the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) and more recently, the development of LiDAR technology. Besides the technologies themselves, […]

Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof

The Chronicle Herald published the following article on February 19th titled “Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof Roger Tomlinson promoted his GIS system around the world” by Bob Maher. Short excerpt from the article: Roger Tomlinson, the father of geographic information systems (GIS), will be remembered by many in the  Annapolis Valley as somebody who helped cement the global reputation of a small Nova Scotia “survey […]