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ArcInfo during the 80s

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The Story of COGS - A Nova Scotian experiment in Technical Education

In the mid 80′s the survey school (Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute, NSLSI) was responding to rapid changes in computing technology. It had introduced a number of technical computer application programs adding pressure for a name change that would more appropriately reflect the breadth of the technical training provided.theStoryofCOGS---book-cover2

There was considerable enthusiasm and innovation for the application of computing technology within the geographic sciences. Given that Canada possesses a large geography providing countless opportunities for graduates. Considerable debate took place about naming conventions, Geographic Science(s) versus Geomatics Engineering with one of the major influences in this debate coming from Dr. Roger Tomlinson.

The initial concept behind of the ‘Story of COGS’ was to cover the period of transition between the two book-ends, the birth of the Institute (NSLSI) and the current institutional framework (NSCC). From an evolutionary perspective, this period was a time of rapid change associated with changes in science, technology, and society.

The story of COGS is an attempt to place the transition years between NSLSI and NSCC into its appropriate context. 

The real story of COGS will always be its graduates and their reputation known all over the world. The authors hope that theStoryOfCOGS will encourage others add their recollections, and to remember fondly their time spent in Lawrencetown, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia learning various technical aspects of geographical sciences.

In many ways, the strength of an institution lies within the lives of the alumni and COGS world renown reputation has a lot to do with alumni.

We welcome any comments, corrections, and additions. This is just a personal view of a specific institution in rural Nova Scotia.



Authorsprogramming classes of 82


Table of Contents

Chapter 1-The Early Years

Chapter 2 – From NSLSI to COGS

Chapter 3 – The College of Geographic Sciences Era

Chapter 4 – COGS moves forward

Chapter 5 – Closing Reflections



Recent Photo Additions

COGS Turns 25

COGS Turns 25

Over a hundred grads and friends gathered at the Geomatics Atlantic 2012 conference on 13 June 2012 in Halifax, to celebrate COGS having turned 25.  There were recollections by: John Wightman (Principal 1986 – 1994) Edward Wedler (Remote Sensing Faculty, 1980s), Tim Webster (as each of student, RS Faculty, & Research Scientist), & Jim Stanley […]

First graduation class of SCP in 1981

First graduation class of SCP in 1981

First graduation class of SCP in 1981

Planning Alumni: 1976 – 2007

Planning Alumni: 1976 – 2007

Class photos for COGS Planning program for years between 1976 and 2007 are available on the COGS website. Such as the Class of 1979 shown above. They are scanning what photos they have but would love to have more,

NSLSI 1967/68 Combined Class of Surveying and Photogrammetry

NSLSI 1967/68 Combined Class of Surveying and Photogrammetry

Here we have a photo of the combined class of Surveying and Photogrammetry from the 67/68 school year at Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute (NSLI) submitted to us by Bert Seely.


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